Why You Should OutSource Your Digital Team


You Get More Than You Pay For – A Dedicated Team.

It is very crucial to have a project manager who can manage your entire project, workflow and assign each person their respective task. For an affordable cost, we will select a team that can consist of a project manager to effect direct communication between all parties and fulfill any additional requirements for your project including graphic designer, web/app interface designer & software developer. Additional fees such as payroll taxes or training expenses may not be cost-effective for some companies and so left to your discretion.


Better Access to IT Talent

Investing in someone lacking expertise to work on your project can be very costly especially in tech development, possibly resulting in you needing to hire someone else to correct their mistakes. Based on our experience, we have the knowledge to recognize and assign the person with the technical knowhow and skills to work on your project. This saves the time and effort spent posting job openings, shortlisting candidates and finally interviewing candidates.


Consistent and Quality Service

Some clients find it difficult to get the agencies or freelancers modify software or perform upgrades at the end of a project. Many of these service providers charge per hourly basis which can often result in you paying more than you should. Rather than offering a one off project, we believe in building quality relationships allowing us to serve you on a long term basis.


Strategic Business Thinking

Sometimes you may hire great programmer to shape your idea however the product lacks consumer appeal. At Flow Digital we have wide variety of employees and skillset offering a broader perspective of thinking for your business and product. Our team is suitably trained to understand customer experience and business centric strategy to incite financial growth and gain competitive advantage


Trusted Team

Our Priority is to secure your data. We require our employees to sign NDAs to protect our client business as well as all other confidential information.

How Do We Help Our Client?


Client wants to develop a company website and a Customer Relationship Management system to manage customers and leads. Client is undecided whether to hire an in house development team or bringing in an agency.

Requisite manpower for the project :

– Web designer.
– Project manager.
– 2 software Engineer.
– Admin for data entry.

We estimate the project value to be total RM120,000 or if the company prefers to build everything in house it would incur a cost of approximately RM20,000 monthly, not including the cost of hiring the wrong talent.

Based on this scenario, we propose a retainer package of RM9,000 monthly, with a minimum of 12 months commitment. After the contract period ended, client can revise requirement conjointly with a new maintenance package.


  • Reduced cost per project.
  • Lower upfront cost to start your project
  • Guaranteed Employee Management.
  • Quality checks by senior and project manager
  • Save employee SOSCO & EPF contribution.

We Offer

Web Design For Company Website

CRM User
Interface design

Content Management
System Development.

CRM System

User Acceptance



Client wants to digitalise his corporate business by expanding their retail business to eCommerce website. Due to the complexity of the required features, a basic eCommerce package would not be recommended. We propose to develop his eCommerce website using Shopify with additional plugins and offer a monthly retainer package including the following services:

– Develop the eCommerce platform.
– Design the website and banners.
– Search Engine Optimisation.
– Google Adwords management.
– Facebook management.

Based on this scenario, we propose a retainer package of RM5,000 monthly, with a minimum of 6 months commitment, including website development, digital marketing services and monthly social media management.

By acknowledging and signing our retainer package, the client can save upfront digitalisation cost and focus on business grow while we help to take care of the digital part of his business.

Our Process

Make An Appointment to
Discuss Your Requirements

  • Understand your requirements
  • Explain the working process.

Provide a Quote For Our Monthly

  • Propose our services
  • Propose monthly fees and minimum commitment

Authorize contract and Kick
Start Project.

  • Assign team members for your
  • Provide regular updates on work

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