A Fully Integrated System That Solves The Startup's Issue on Resources

The all-in-one management system created by Flow Digital helps H Space in managing accounts, booking system, members management in one single system. 


As a startup, H Space was struggling with the limited resources and experience on web development, booking system, accounting system, and customer relationship management system

H Space partner with Flow Digital to develop a fully integrated system which consists of CRM, QuickBook, and Booking system.

CRM is to manage existing members, handle walk-in leads, and online leads. QuickBook serves as an on-site account system for sales and expenses tracking and recording, generate and send invoices, generating accounting report for H Space for analysis. Lastly, Booking System is a system that members or leads to book a space, or meeting room.

With this system, H Space is able to productively manage its members and workflow. Other than that, Flow Digital have also solve the resources issue for H Space by having all system in one place.

With the success of this system, H Space have also signed a contract with Flow Digital working as their outsourced digital team, and we will continue to enhance the CRM system accordingly based on their needs as they grow. 


As a startup, the resources and funds are limited as well in hiring or engage with different develop for different systems.

Located at multiple lcoations, H Space had many active members. Evetually, the increase in numbers made it difficult to manage and organise, There were technical glitches every once in a while, like duplciated bookings for meeting rooms. 


UX/UI Designer

App Developer

Project Manager

Our Approach

To tackle those challenges, we created a CRM system to organise the information of members, including their details and particulars. This system is also able to manage the bookings for meeting rooms, which effectively prevents duplicated bookings. It can also manage payments like billing and invoicing.

The Process:

  • Understanding the Flow: We had to first understand the workflow for bookings at H Space. 
  • Proposing the Solution: Based on that, we reorganised the information which will be stored in the system.
  • Designing the UI: We then started designing a user interface for the system which will perform the necessary tasks.
  • Completing User Testing: Once we had the system, we performed multiple user testings to ensure that it serves its purpose. With every problem encountered, we fine-tuned the system until it was ready to go. 
  • Deploying the System: When we finally had the perfect version, we deployed the system at H Space.


The CRM system we designed and deployed helped H Space effectively manage their members information and their bookings. There were no more duplicated bookings and managing payments became easier.


Savings of initial allocated budget 


Increase in total productivity

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