System Development & Maintenance Reduce cost by 50%

We provide long term website updates and maintenance services for all international stores and manage to reduce KEF’s cost by half.


As KEF is an international brand selling their audio products all over the globe, Flow Digital manages all of their Shopify country stores. With our dedicated developer service, we maintained and customised their websites. 

As the company was working with one of the development team based in Vietnam, due to language barrier, KEF find it hard in communication especially when they are executing to expand the stores to other countries.

Flow Digital stepped in as an outsourced tech team for KEF and with our ability of multilingual, we are able to provide the company a better quality assurance at a more affordable rate.

With Flow Digital as the tech team of KEF, they are able to save at least half of the cost as compared to previously and with the use of our Project Management System, we are able to have a faster turnaround time to manage all Shopify stores.


KEF had multiple country sites for the different countries their products are sold in. Before Flow Digital, KEF’s sites were built on Magento and they were difficult to maintain as the foundation was not properly set up. The backend components of the sites were not user friendly, especially for non-technical users. The company was also planning to expand to more countries. This meant that they needed a system that was easy for the local team to use as well as easy for the HQ team to manage. The company’s previous development team was inefficient, rigid and pricey. Customisation was limited and communication was difficult. 


UX/UI Designer

Web Developer

Project Manager

Our Approach

Flow Digital’s approach was to provide a more affordable and dedicated developer service at a monthly rate instead of an hourly rate. In terms of project management, we worked closely with the KEF team to examine and overlook the workflow and communication. With regards to the web maintenance, we provided services like SEO optimisation, content management and others. 

The Process:

  • Understanding the Problem: First, we studied and understood KEF’s existing system and development team as well as the problems they were facing. 
  • Proposing the Solution: Based on the problems, we then proposed the best suited solution, a monthly retainer service. This included a dedicated project manager and developer to help them resolve the challenges they were facing.
  • Executing the Project: KEF and Flow Digital would often have WIP meetings via Zoom or Google Hangouts. We also updated our team’s work and tasks on Asana. All work was customised to fit KEF and to help the company achieve its goals.


Flow Digital worked so closely with KEF, we were just like their in-house team. With the monthly rate, they no longer had to worry about the limitation of work hours and the increase of cost. Our web maintenance service also helped the company manage more country stores effectively and efficiently.


Overall decrease in cost of website
development & maintenance


Increase in overall productivity


Decrease in website bounce rate 

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