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Guide To SEO Pricing In Malaysia And All You Need To Know

Cost of SEO in Malaysia

Many business owners are concerned with the cost of SEO and it’s the overall impact on the growth of their business.

Fact is, the internet has provided an opportunity for businesses like yours to thrive by seamlessly connecting you with a large customer base.

With this gift also comes to the endless struggle to be recognized and stay relevant. To save you the stress of intense research, we have made our finding. The solution is SEO and this is where we come in.

 Expertly executed Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in putting your website in front of your target audience. This is what we came up with:

The following pricing ranges should give you a good idea of SEO pricing in Malaysia:

  • Standard SEO price range – RM2000 to RM7,000

  • Local freelance price range: RM1000 – RM10,000+

  • Top Level SEO Site Audit. Price Range: RM2000 – RM20,000+

  • Custom one-off SEO price range: RM4,000 – RM40,000+

  • Avg. SEO Costs per Hour. Price Range: RM200 – RM1000

  • Average SEO agency price range: RM5000 – RM40,000+

Putting your products or services on the limelight is one sure way to skyrocket your business. SEO provides that next level boast your business needs to expand its horizon.

mind map of everything related to SEO


SEO Pricing, investment or expense?

When you think about SEO, what pops up first? Investment or expense? For many business owners in Malaysia, SEO costs is more of an expense than a necessity, we understand. SEO is an investment on many levels.

In many cases, this is mostly because the effects of SEO on the business isn’t quite clear until optimizations actually begin to pay of.

With different SEO pricing options available, many businesses take the option of choosing the cheapest services available. As we all know, this doesn’t always turn out well.


What value does SEO bring to the table as an investment?

Emphasizing the importance of SEO as an investment, the following are some of the benefits your business stand to gain from skilled SEO services.

  • Creates and boost your brand awareness 

  • Improve website rankings, putting you in front of your target audience.

  • Increase in website visits.

  • Helps your business build credibility and trust.

  • Your website becomes a major lead generator.

  • Increase in conversion rates and revenue.

  • Makes your website more optimized and friendly

  • Gives your competition a run for their money.

By choosing bad SEO services, you rum the risk of hurting your business in the long run. This is particularly important because as a brand, your business reputation is at stake.

How to pick the best SEO service and price for your brand

For many brands, this process can be quite frustrating to deal with. Picking an appropriate SEO service for your brand doesn’t have to be a difficult talk. Follow these simple step procedures to get the best SEO deals in the marketplace.

  • Be clear about your SEO goals.

  • Lay out an SEO budget for business before hand.

  • Request for references

  • In terms of pricing, focus on ranking not revenue.

  • Identify and evaluate the strategies used by your target SEO company.

  • Visit and study the SEO company you wish to work with.

Considering the SEO Pricing, what am I paying for?

For many businesses in Malaysia, seeing their website on the front page of Google is the main goal of SEO.

Below are some of the services that are typically expected and provided by SEO experts.

1. Market Research

This entails researching how your business works and the part it plays to your customers. Adequately studying your products and the marketing strategies that will appeal to your audience base is an important part of this process.

2. Content Marketing

Quality content is king. Website optimisation without content that captivates your target audience will not yield your desired results. It’s one thing to have millions of page visits and another thing to have millions loyal visitors that keep coming back for more. Quality content is what strikes the difference.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competition analysis help SEO experts to double down on what works and avoid what doesn’t. Give your competition a run for their money by providing valuable information or content that out weights theirs in terms of quality. Competitors analysis is a great way to understand what your target audience enjoy the most and what they dislike.

4. Keyword Research

The bread and butter of an SEO campaign. By researching the keywords your customers are using, SEO professionals optimise your website from content through page titles and meta descriptions to get your website ranking and connect you with customers.

Check out how you can conduct keyword research in Malaysia here!

5. On-site and Off-site Optimisation

Optimising your website is an amazing way to improve important aspects that affect it’s overall performance and user experience.

SEO efforts could come in form of:

  1. Curating quality content

  2. Adding important pages

  3. Rearrangement of internal linking

  4. Restructuring content blogs

However, optimization also continues behind the scene. Off-site or off-page optimization also include an array of important procedures geared towards improving website performance. The aim of off-site optimization is to help  speed of your page and even make your website more intuitive.


Setting the pace for the growth of your online business is highly dependent on having a professional SEO service. The importance of utilizing professional SEO services cannot be overemphasized.

At Flow Digital, we offer SEO services specially created to fit into your growth needs as a business in Malaysia. Our SEO pricing packages are affordable and accessible to all. Contact us today and let us help you optimize your website to it’s full potential.

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Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.

Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.

Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.

Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.

Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.

Get Your Social Media Proposal Now.

More exposure. More customers. More milestones to celebrate.