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Mobile Apps Development

Nowadays, With apps such as Shoppee, Lazada, Grab, Maybank and FoodPanda, you can literally shop from anywhere, and anytime with the convenience of your smartphone! This transition towards mobile online shopping has caused many businesses to turn digital as well. In fact, this transition is recommended since mobile apps have the highest number of users and shoppers daily, resulting in the appearance of many mobile development websites.

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What We Do

Flow Digital’s services encompasses the entire development lifecycle, from development to testing and deployment, as well as additional services listed below

Proficiency in Multiple Coding Languages

Our Software

At Flow Digital we have extensive experience in developing mobile applications. For example we develop native apps for: 

  • IOS platform such as Iphone using Objective-C, and Swift
  • Android platform using Java, XML and HTML Mobile
  • Windows platform using XAML markup language, C# programming language.
  • App development software using Creatio, Skuid, Appypie
Smalls Businesses to Large


We focus on UX/UI design to maximize our client’s customer user experience. We prioritize

  • Easy to navigate pages
  • Modern, and professional look
  • Easy to interact buttons
  • Simple yet informative interface


Our Process

1. Strategize

We will devise a strategy together with our clients to define certain goals and objectives such as researching new trends or target market, identifying audience, defining mobile app structure etc

2. Analysis and Planning

Next, we will begin developing a roadmap for the project such asdefining the milestones, set the timeline and begin identifying the software needed for the mobile app development.

3. UI UX Design

This process include wireframing, user flows and defining structures for the front end of the project. This is an important process as it helps maximise user satisfaction

3. App Development

This is the core part for the entire app development. This process includes developing the front end, API and backend

3. Testing and Deployment

After the development, we will begin different types of user testing and bug fixing before deploying the app onto the store for the public

Let’s work together

We can help your company grow its bottom line through a Mobile Strategy that drives traffic, increases engagement and improves user experience. Whether you have a small idea or complex project in mind, let our expertise put your ideas into action for you!

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    We aim to get back to all enquiries within a couple of working hours!

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    Get A Quote For Your Project

    We aim to get back to all the inquiries within a couple of working hours!