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User Testing

If you have a website, user testing is something that you should be aware of. user testing results can help guide the rest of your product development cycle and give you feedback about how users are actually using your site. Testing with a user allows you to view what they’re seeing and hearing through their computer screen – giving you an inside look into how they interact with it.

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What We Do

Flow Digital offers user testing services for clients who wish to test the efficiency of their website.

Our Process

1. Planning

Our user testing process will start by working with our client’s internal team to develop user test plans, or use our user testing services to meet specific user testing goals.

2. Testing

After we get a clear understanding of our client’s business requirements and the structure of their website, we will then begin to plan and implement our user testing methodologies on their website.

3. Analysis

When all the testing is done, we will prepare a detailed report that may contain some up to all of the following items.
– How user expectations are different from what is actually offered
– What works well for users who complete their task successfully vs those who don’t
– Where some pages can be improved based on user questions or user frustration with specific pages
– Find and Quantify user experience issues/opportunities during user testing sessions

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