Dresid’s Branding and Digital Development

Creating an Online Presence and Reaching Customers

Flow Digital is currently the digital arm for Dresid’s online presence; responsible for building/maintaining its website, ecommerce platform and social media marketing.

flow digital case study on dresid web development and social media management


Dresid is an interior design and furnishing firm that needed an online platform to sell their products. Flow Digital’s professional team stepped in to provide, becoming the main digital arm for their website development and maintenance. Additionally, Flow Digital is responsible for Dresid’s social media presence. Through creating original content for their social media platforms (ie. Facebook and Instagram), we have successfully built up a follower base which have converted into sales for the client.


Starting out as a budding new business, Dresid had one of the biggest challenges in its industry: it did not have a showroom for their products. As a furniture retail enterprise, they had to overcome the difficulty of marketing their wares to customers solely through an online platform. Here’s how we helped them overcome that difficulty.

Our Role

Our Approach

Flow Digital’s strategy to help Dresid increase their digital presence utilised a 3 pronged method: an updated brand logo, a new website layout and establishing a social media following.

Rebranding and Logo
Building brand recognition was the first step to getting Dresid recognised in the market. Our design team provided a number of samples based on the client’s requirements, followed by a focus group from our marketing team to discover the target audience’s sentiments behind each design. This helped inform the client’s decision on the final logo design for their brand.

Website Development
Researching the latest trends in the furniture and interior industry, our team pitched a website that combines both functionality and aesthetic. The website also acts as an Ecommerce platform for customers to make purchases and access other related services offered by Dresid.

Social Media Marketing
Flow Digital’s marketing team acts as the sole arm for Dresid’s presence on social media platforms, creating original content that promotes the client’s products and building up their image as an expert in interior design. With a focus on encouraging sales, our team created content optimised for Instagram and Facebook shops, making the purchase experience as streamlined as possible.

The Result

Combining the 3 different strategies, Dresid was able to experience an increase in product sales and consultations for their interior design services from customers.

Dresid’s outreach to their target audience saw success through our social media marketing strategy. Utilising both Instagram and Facebook, the client’s platforms have seen a boost in the number of followers, as well as an increase in customer inquiries and directed traffic to Dresid’s website.

The revamped website served as a golden touchpoint for the target audience. Its design was optimised for a smooth user experience and SEO, all the way from browsing to checkout. As a result, our client experienced a significant increase in web traffic, sales and inquiries for their interior design services.


Increase in social media following


Increase in web traffic