Website Revamps with UI/UX Increased Online Presence by 10x

Flow Digital came out with an extensive digital marketing strategy to achieve WonderLab’s goals to greatly improve their online presence.


WonderLab needed to revamp their website by establishing a better user interface to smoothen the user experience process and increase their presence online.As a new skincare brand in the market, WonderLab looked to us to build up their online presence in Malaysia. After having studied the brand and communicated with WonderLab on the brand direction, we decided to revamp their website to improve the website’s overall UI UX design. We built a catalogue website from scratch using WordPress and suggested an extensive digital marketing strategy to help increase the presence of their brand through social media and search engine rankings.By working closely with WonderLab, we came out with different visual designs and strategies for SEO, resulting in successfully multiplying their website traffic by 10x with the tracking of Google Analytics.


Entering this competitive market, WonderLab needed to build a brand strategy that would lead to long term success. They wanted to reach out and interact with prospects and potential customers which would eventually convert into sales.However, being a new skincare brand, WonderLab had zero online presence to their name and no in-house digital team and developers. They were also short on designers who could work on their web projects.

Our Roles

Our Approach

The Flow Digital team prepared an extensive digital strategy to help WonderLab penetrate the skincare and beauty industry. This strategy included web page design, visual design, WordPress development and SEO services.The Process:

  1. Understanding the Brand Direction and Target Audience: Through market surveys, user interviews and close collaboration, we were able to grasp the behaviours of the company’s target audience and market.
  2. Establishing UI Design Guide: Ensuring a cohesive product design and user experience, we established a UI design guide that is consistent with the company’s brand identity for all design elements and interactions, including font, colour scheme, brand tone, etc.
  3. Creating the Website: Starting from the mock-up to the live website, we designed the homepage, brand page and product pages using WordPress.
  4. Setting Up a Testimonial Section: To increase the credibility of upcoming brands, we set up a testimonial section on the website to share Instagram, comments and reviews from satisfied customers.
  5. Installing Google Analytics: Once the website went live, we also installed Google Analytics for analytics and SEO purposes.
  6. Carrying Out a Website Audit: With a website audit, we proposed keywords and optimized the website’s content to improve performance. At this stage, we also published relevant beauty and skincare articles for WonderLab continuously.
  7. Managing Web Maintenance Services: At a fixed monthly rate, we maintained and managed the content of the website.
  8. Value Added Services: We also helped WonderLab maintain their web security, optimise their website speed and conduct SEO services to increase their rank on Google.

The Result

Flow Digital became the dedicated digital team that WonderLab needed, providing them resources for design, development and marketing. We managed to drive an online presence for the brand with our comprehensive strategy and execution. WonderLab has seen effective results in terms of traffic to their website as well as in sales.


Increase in averagely monthly traffic to the website


Increase in search engine rankings