Achieving Higher SERPs Rankings For Increased Visibility & Reach

For any business looking to advertise their services online, optimising for search engines are one of the most important strategies for maximising audience reach.

WonderKlean’s team realised the need for this and hired Flow Digital to be their exclusive SEO service provider.

flow digital case study on wonderklean seo and copywriting


WonderKlean is a Malaysian service company that offers multiple cleaning and disinfection services for hire. As one of many brands with a similar business model, the client set a few goals to help increase their online presence:

  • To compete with competitor brands for market reach and visibility
  • To increase online traffic into their webpage
  • To promote the range of cleaning/disinfection services provided under their brand 

Our Role

Our Approach

Flow Digital went to work to identify WonderKlean’s target market and product/services the offered to determine the correct SEO strategy for high SERP rankings. Through research, our team created a customised SEO process which involves:

  • Keyword Research
  • Webpage Content Optimisation
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Backlink Building

Keyword Research
Flow Digital’s SEO team first identified a list of keywords that resonated most with WonderKlean’s brand and services offered. The finalised package of keywords were decided in conjunction with the client’s marketing team based on monthly search volume, ranking difficulty and cost-per-click.

Webpage Content Optimisation
After the first step, our team went to work optimising WonderKlean’s existing webpages. This involved editing content from the home and product pages to include the keywords decided in the earlier step, making it easier for Google’s web-crawlers to index these pages and increase the visibility rate for that keyword on their search engine.

SEO Copywriting
Writing original articles for WonderKlean’s blog is an important process to increase search engine visibility. Utilising the agreed keywords, our copywriters composed a range of original articles on a monthly basis that highlighted the client’s different cleaning services. Regularly scheduling articles out for posting helped our target search engines build up a profile of WonderKlean’s business model and appear among the first on SERPs.

Backlink Building
Our SEO team also reached out to several prominent blogs that matches the client’s products. Partnering with these blogs, they release content that make a reference to WonderKlean’s services. This helps to build up the WonderKlean’s credibility as a cleaning and disinfection service while also helping to rank WonderKlean higher on the SERPs.

The Result

Actively working on WonderKlean’s SEO has helped their website see an increase in overall web traffic and visibility. This includes appearing within the first SERP for their service-related keywords, with even a few ranking among the top 3 results.

13 Keywords

Ranked within Top 3 of SERPS (as of May 2022)


Increase In Average Position of Keywords