A Fully Integrated System That Solved The Startup’s Issue on Resources

The all-in-one management system created by Flow Digital helps H Space in managing accounts, online booking systems, members management in one single system.


As a startup, H Space was struggling with their limited resources and experience on web development, online booking systems, accounting systems, and CRM systems.

H Space looked to Flow Digital to develop a fully integrated system which consisted of a CRM system, QuickBook, and an Online Booking System.

  • A CRM system manages existing members, handles walk-in leads, and online leads on a single platform.
  • QuickBook served as an on-site accounting system for sales and expenses tracking and recording, generating and sending invoices, and generating accounting reports.
  • Our Online Booking System serves as a portal for members or leads to booking a space, or meeting room.

With this system, H Space was able to productively manage its members and workflow. Additionally, Flow Digital managed to resolve H Space’s issue by combining all the separate systems into one comprehensive package.


As a startup, the resources and funds were limited in hiring or engaging with different developers for different systems.
Located at multiple locations, H Space had many active members using their service. Eventually, the increase in numbers made it difficult to manage and organise. Technical glitches would surface every once in a while, like double-bookings for meeting rooms and incorrect booking dates.

Our Role

Our Approaches

To tackle those challenges, we created a bespoke CRM system to organise the information of members, including their personal details. The system also managed to fill the role of an online booking system by managing the bookings for meeting rooms, which effectively prevented duplicated bookings. It also managed payments from the customers, such as billing and invoicing.

The Process:

  1. Understanding the Flow: We met with managers from H Space to identify key weak points that needed amending and the goals they needed to achieve
  2. Proposing the Solution: Based on this, our developers came up with the plan to combine all 3 systems needed to resolve the company’s issue into 1, easy-to-use package.
  3. Designing the UI: We then started designing a user interface for the system which would allow the end-users to perform the necessary tasks.
  4. Completing User Testing: Once we had completed the system, we performed multiple user testings to ensure that it served its purpose. Based on feedback and reports provided by the testers, we ironed out all the bugs and the improvements recommended.
  5. Deploying the System: After achieving the final version which satisfied the client’s needs, we deployed the system immediately for H Space.

The Result

The CRM system we designed and deployed helped H Space effectively manage their members’ information and their bookings. There were no more duplicated bookings and managing payments became easier.


Savings of initial allocated budget


Increase in total productivity