Redemption System for Integrated Customer Journey -From online redemption to retail store collection

MOG Eyewear is a global eyewear chain store that has been in business for over 20 years. MOG offers more than 90 stores across Malaysia. They have run a variety of marketing campaigns over the years to attract customers, but are still looking for an integrated solution that will allow their new and existing consumers alike to redeem products online yet collect them in-store when they want or need it most.


  • MOG Eyewear is a company that has found success in running different marketing campaigns for new brands and rewarding existing customers.
  • They don’t have the system to create product redemption campaigns or keep track of their customer database, which means they are missing out on many opportunities related to organizing prospective clients and keeping up with those already interested.

Our Solutions

We built a system that allows MOG Eyewear :

  1. Product Redemption campaign Give out free trial products.
    • Through the new Redemption system, anyone can redeem their free trial product by filling out a simple form with just an email
  2. Reward Customers who made a purchase
    • In order to reward our loyal customers, we created a campaign that allows any customer who made a purchase with MOG Eyewear to redeem freebies by attaching their receipt.

After understanding the requirements, we proposed a process flow for redemption. Our team worked with them to design an experience that goes from online to retail seamlessly and will provide customers with exactly what they need.

First, we create a landing page with an order form so that our customers can redeem their items. We promote the link on social media by sending out messages to all of our followers and friends. They enter in details about themselves like where they want to collect it from – which store location is best for them based on proximity or what’s most convenient?

The person who would benefit the most from this service would be someone living far away because then they could receive goods at home instead of having to travel long distances when ordering online!

The staff in that location will receive email notifications about redemption details so they can be prepared for the customer visit. In order to prevent the redemption system from being manipulated by staff, we have set up a separate profile for each store. The HQ has full access to the information and can see all details including what items are available in our inventory that we want them to be able to redeem if they happen to find any mistakes or errors on our behalf. By setting limited profiles with different permissions depending on who is allowed into it, the only people that will be making changes inside these profiles would be those authorized by us; not anyone else-including other employees like managers at your local location!

As a customer, you’ll get an email with your coupon code to redeem the items of your choice. You can visit any store location and show them the email along with this product for redemption! The staff will enter the coupon code into their system and mark it as successful upon confirmation from headquarters.

The Result

MOG Eyewear is able to track customer redemption and grow its potential target audience list with this new system, which has helped the company’s success in launching successful campaigns for their newest products.

Here are also some benefits you will gain from using our redemption system. When we reward existing customers with free items after purchase they will be more likely to remain loyal and buy future products from us. We can also use our Redemption System as a way to get awareness for new product launches.

Lastly, if there is someone out there who hasn’t tried out your company products but may like it based on their other preferences – our system would offer them a trial membership in exchange for information about themselves so that when they do try it out later, they’ll have an easier time deciding whether this is something worth committing to.