Website Design : Revamping CUCKOO Malaysia’s Webpage

One of Asia’s biggest home appliances providers hired Flow Digital developers to revamp their website design by redesigning their entire user interface (UI) and improving their overall user experience (UX).


CUCKOO needed to improve their website User Experience and scale their company faster without relying on external capital.

CUCKOO experienced early success by driving targeted traffic and leads for their clients. However, their manual process for media buying limited their ability to take on additional clients. To scale their organisation at a fast rate, CUCKOO knew they needed to hire developers to automate their process, and thus consulted Flow Digital.Our team has extensive experience in website design and has helped CUCKOO revamp and upgrade their web pages to strengthen their user interface, while also managing their monthly web maintenance services. By flexibly engaging with Flow Digital, CUCKOO achieved rapid growth while continuing to bootstrap the company.


As a global home appliance brand, CUCKOO Malaysia wanted to further boost its brand awareness by upgrading their web pages’ user interface. The main focus was to bridge the gap between CUCKOO and their customers and to enhance their customers’ journey for a better user experience.The fast-paced company had numerous product launches a year, making it difficult for their in-house designers to cope with the increasing demand in productivity. The organisation did not have a dedicated web development team, while their previous agency charged exorbitant fees with limited hours of work.

Our Approach

To create a better user experience, our team had to redesign CUCKOO’s entire user interface from scratch as well as their web pages for various product launches.

Our Process

  • First we audit the website and find out all the issues
  • We suggested enhancements and improvements strategy (new customised module, create a staging site, add enquiry forms etc)
  • We plan for the execution so that their current website and SEO result were not affected
  • Each new product page is launched concurrently with their official offline launches to be cohesive with their brand awareness marketing campaigns. Both companies’ teams collaborated to ensure consistent brand personality and tone for the website.
  • We improved their website security and updated their CMS plugins.
  • We also managed their monthly maintenance services without limitation on hours.

Problems Analysis

After a thorough analysis on CUCKOO’s website, Flow Digital has determined that it was in need of a major overhaul and redesigned from scratch due to poor design layout and navigation that prevented it from being optimized.Here are some of the issues that plagued CUCKOO’s website:

  • Lack of a proper header
  • Unclear and tedious product navigation
  • Weak Call to Action (CTA) buttons
  • Grid spacing for some tabs are inconsistent
  • User interface is messy and cluttered

Our Design Solutions
Working around the design issues mentioned above, Flow Digital redesigned CUCKOO’s website to be both visually appealing and UX UI-ccentric. Here are some of the changes of CUCKOO’s website before and after Flow Digital’s UI/UX Redesign.

1. Main Page


  • Not attractive
  • Cluttered information
  • Inconsistent font and tone


  • Clearly segregated header from image
  • Consistent tone and fonts
  • Modernistic look, giving off a premium impression

2. Header


  • Messy header
  • Inconsistent alignment
  • Lack of actual content


  • Clear header with titles
  • Consistent alignment
  • Simple and to the point

3. Product Navigation


  • Cluttered, messy arrangement
  • No organizations for any items
  • Inconsistent Alignments
  • Confusing product lineup


  • Clear categorization of products
  • Each product category is clearly separated
  • Images paired with products for clear definition

4. Call to Action Buttons


  • Messy CTA buttons that are all over the place
  • Confusing and unclear
  • Small and unnoticeable
  • Inconsistent tone and quality


  • Clear CTA buttons that are easy to understand
  • CTA buttons that will be highlighted when hovered over
  • Big enough to be noticeable and not unattractive

Understand the main focus of the website
We first have to understand the focus of their website. The main function of the website is to provide product information, generate leads and enhance customer service experience.

Product and Plan Information

Generate Leads

Customer Self Care

  • Easy to navigate
  • Fewer steps
  • Clean and Clear
  • Easy to take action
  • 1 o 2 button
  • CTA : Contact Sales / Find Store Locator
  • Easy to look for help
  • FAQs self care section

The Result
With the newly revamped website and improved user interface , CUCKOO Malaysia has achieved rapid growth in terms of their traffic flow, customer engagement and user experience. Our website design has helped CUCKOO establish a strong brand identity and brand awareness amongst its customers, creating a solid foundation for their products and services.

However, Flow Digital still provides website maintenance services even after the completion of CUCKOO’s web design. Flow Digital will conduct regular updates and maintenance for new content such as new product launches, new blog posts and new brand pages. Furthermore, Flow Digital will also conduct yearly website review to gauge the website’s overall performance and suggest improvements based on the statistics of the website. CUCKOO’s main biz focuses on selling and renting their products such as water purifiers , air purifiers, kitchen appliances. Their aim is to become No.1 Healthy Home Creator in Asia.