Caysonn ID

Website Development Establish a New Brand Identity

Flow Digital helps Caysonn ID create a website for an interior design firm, giving them a new brand identity with new logo design.

flow digital case study on caysonn id website development


Caysonn ID interior design firm is looking for a website developer to create a website for the company to showcase their portfolio and attract more potential leads.We believe the logo is the soul of a company brand, so we decided to completely revamp Caysonn’s logo design. We aim to create a new brand identity for Caysonn by working towards the brand style and direction for the interior design. We also focused on the website development aspects for the brand and highlighted the company’s portfolio and past projects.


An experienced interior design firm, Caysonn’s existing logo design and brand identity needed a refresh and revamp. They also did not have a website and portfolio to feature their services and past projects. To drive sales and business in the B2B industry, especially in the hotel design and consultancy field, Caysonn needed to overcome two challenges, mainly website development for their website and brand style creation for their brand identity.

Our Role

Our Approach

Flow Digital rebranded Caysonn to give it a more exclusive and premium impression. This allowed the company to penetrate the high end market as well as to reinforce their position in the hotel design and consultancy service industry. To top it off, we also created an all new logo design which completed the upscale rebrand.The Process:

  1. Understanding the Target Audience: Through market research, we studied the preference and behaviour of Caysonn’s target audience.
  2. Researching the Industry: Then, we researched the industry and Caysonn’s main competitors to ensure distinct differentiation. We also studied successful premium interior design and consultancy firms from overseas as references.
  3. Establishing the Rebrand: We outlined a guide and art direction for the logo design to make Caysonn look more outstanding and premium.
  4. Designing the Logo: We chose a minimalist yet elegant look with the typography using San Serif.
  5. Constructing the Website & Portfolio: We then designed and built a simple website to showcase the company’s impressive portfolio.

The Result

With the new logo design and website, Caysonn has successfully reshaped their brand to become more exclusive and premium. This has helped them to effectively expand and strengthen their position in the market, driving leads especially for the hotel design and consultancy area. With a website and new brand identity in place, Caysonn has seen tremendous growth in terms of their sales, potential customers, and customer engagement per day.


Increase in online leads


Increase in online presence of the company