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15 Actionable Tips On How To Increase Your Website Traffic

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Traffic, the bloodline of many successful online businesses, field notwithstanding. However, for many business owners, knowing how to build website traffic isn’t quite a walk in the park. In this internet age, attention is the new currency.

What do you do differently as a business? The ability to intrigue your target audience and maintain their interest is a gem of an ability. It goes without saying that the right dose of healthy traffic makes all the difference.

Outperforming your competitors is all about having the right type of data and utilizing it with precision. Your approach to content creation and overall publicity to a good extent shape the appeal of your brand to it’s the audience.


Proven Tips For Boosting Your Website Traffic

let’s jump right into how you can take your website to the next level.

  1. Native Ads
  2. Search Traffic
  3. Social Traffic
  4. URL Shortening Tools
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Clean up your on-page SEO
  7. Create shareable content (Add social share buttons)
  8. Boost your website speed
  9. Utilize user-friendly Infographics
  10. Utilize high-volume, non-competitive keywords.
  11. Launch a YouTube channel.
  12. Update old content and merge similar posts.
  13. Quality backlinking
  14. Internal linking
  15. Publish More List Posts

Native Ads

According to Business Insider, native Ads will be responsible for 74% of ALL ad revenue by the year 2021. The success of native ads can be strongly attributed to their ability to “blend in”. Making an ad fit into context without breaking a flow of ideas is a powerful tool. For your business, ads like these are less prone to annoy your target audience.

Search Traffic

This comes in the form of paid ads or organic traffic. Search engines like Google (the most visited website in the World) provide an amazing opportunity for businesses. Widen your scope by taking advantage of numerous channels. Asides from Google, you can get some exposure from engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Gigablast, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Social Traffic

In this new age, social media provide an opportunity to reach your target audience easily. Growing a community of loyal followers is a great way to improve your brand exposure and credibility. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more can be very useful for reaching a wider audience.

URL Shortening Tools

It allows a URL to be made shorter. This directs users to the pages they want to go. By using the shortened URL, publishers get to make cash based on the users who happen to visit the link. Bit.ly or Google URL Shortening tools are good examples.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your online business. It allows you to promote offers or even give tips to your target audience. Building an email list is an essential part of this process. It all starts with creating a lead magnet and building an efficient sales funnel.

Clean up your on-page SEO

SEO is a powerful tool when utilized the right way. On-page SEO can help your website rank higher in search engines and bring in more traffic.

On-page SEO elements include the following:

  • Page Title
  • Header
  • Meta Description
  • Image Alt-text, ETC.

With effective search engine optimization in your group ”tool kit”, your website traffic will experience a good boast.

Create shareable content

People tend to share or link to a content that is well-researched, helpful or relevant. Great content is all about the value it provides. Visual elements have the potential to make your content more shareable.

Custom made GIFs and other media always makes it easier to communicate concepts and resonate with your audience. Also, adding social sharing buttons plays an important role in getting more traffic. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Boost your website speed

User Experience is an essential factor to watch out for when building your building business. Having a fast website guarantees good user experience to your website visitors. Regularly speed testing your site and picking a good hosting provider is a good way to optimize your website.

Utilize high-volume, non-competitive keywords.

Quality search engine optimization (SEO) combined with relevant low-competitive keywords is one of the best ways to achieve consistent website traffic. Relevant long-tailed keywords with search traffic potential can wonder for your website.

Launch a YouTube channel

When it comes to YouTube SEO, everyone has an equal opportunity to rank and gain attention. Ranking on Google and be quite competitive but YouTube puts it’s creators on an even plane.

Bear it in mind that the key component to  YouTube SEO is high engagement. Keywords and search intent come after. As you keep more viewers engaged and entertained on the platform. YouTube gets more revenue and they in turn reward your brand with visibility.

Update old content and merge similar posts.

When it comes to ranking, it’s never a set and forget situation. Competitors are constantly trying to steal your top spot. Also, getting your rankings demoted by Google is a possibility when your content gets outdated.

Keeping your content fresh and up-to-date is one sure way to maintain your rankings. Merging old pieces of content into one post will help you create a better piece of content.

Quality back linking

Getting backlinks from relevant websites,  improve website rankings in SERP which in turn causes an increase in organic traffic. Becoming an authority in your industry will help you rank higher in search engines. One way to acachieve this is by acquiring quality backlinks from websites with high authority.

Internal linking

As a business owner, your goal is to get vs to spend more time on your website. That’s why internal links links to other pages on your site are very important.

With strategic interlinking, your visitors will continue reading other pages of your website. Structured interlinking boosts your website credibility on search engines and increases your conversion.

Publish More List Posts

Otherwise known as a “listicle”, a list post is an article whose content features a structured collection of things. So, why do list posts work? These type of post a work because numbers are unmade for acting as psychological triggers. Structure of these articles make it easy to quickly read or scan and understand.

Extract – Bonus tip:

Discovering which pages on your website get more traffic is a great way to double down on what your audience want. With this information at hand, you will be able to pattern your website content according to fit their interest.


How to choose your traffic source

There are two types of traffic sources, paid and free. When it comes to picking the best sources of website traffic, there are many factors to consider. These factors range from target audience demographic details to cost of running the channel. Some of them include:

1. Operational cost of traffic Source

When dealing with a paid traffic source, it is important that you pay close attention to the long-term running cost. This will help ensure a more seamless mode of operation.

2. Traffic source strength

Is your traffic source worth it’s cost? It is important to Identity and verify a traffic source that has the ability to give your business the momentum it needs to grow.

3. Quality of traffic source

How legitimate and reliable is your desired traffic source? Traffic sources with rich targeting options give your business more room to explore.

website designer drawing wireframe

Why websites don’t convert traffic

We can agree that converting is just as important as getting traffic. Getting tons of traffic without actually converting is an unpleasant experience. Before rolling out solutions, it is important that we unclog the channels needed for feeding traffic to your website. Among others, these are some important factors to consider.


Website Design

A website lacking user friendly design is bound to fail. Factors like load time and most importantly, website design leave a strong impression on your brand.

According to statistics, 75% on consumers admit to judging credibly of a company based on website design. Utilized correctly this can be a powerful tool for earning the  trust of your visitors.


Load Time

It comes as no surprise that page speed is Have you ever had an experience with a slow loading website? Statistics tell us that slow-loading websites cost the retailer $2.6 Billion in lost sales each year.

Stop missing out on opportunities to grow your customer base. Grab this opportunity to up your game and avoid being a part of negative statistics.


Effective Content Strategy

Quality content is and essential part of every website. Engaging your reader goes a long way in securing trust and establishing credibility. It is important that you make your content as comprehensive and actionable as possible. Evening out your content with a good ratio or subheadings and lists boost readability.


Call To Action

Sometimes, users need that little push that transforms them from leads to customers. This push comes in form of call-to-actions”. As a business, it is important that you clearly layout what you offer. Along side making your product or service earlier available. Call to actions play an important role pointing your visitors in the right direction. 



Growing your website traffic can be easier than you think with the right tools at your disposal. Paid or organic, having a steady flow of traffic at a reasonable cost is the overall goal.

As a website development and SEO agency, we have helped many businesses scale their online traffic to the next level. As an expert in your field, you understand how the touch of a professional can make all the difference. Together, we can bring the growth goals of your business to reality.



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